Ajay Tripathi
Ajay Tripathi, Software Developer
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Hello, I am Ajay Tripathi. I am 23 years old. I have completed Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I love to think rationally and take pride in engineering solutions of day-to-day inconveniences.

I believe the world to be a positive sum game and hence promote and proudly contribute to the open-source culture. I support the community at large by helping people gain access to information. I mentor students in my college, donate to non-profits and contribute to OpenWISP to achieve these goals.

I love to meet and understand people and what drives them. I fancy the study of human psychology and find myself flirting with branches of philosophy like existentialism & stoicism.

I define myself as a stoic, existentialist, snowdenist, friendly, confident, creative, playful, problem solver, philosopher & environmentalist. I am available on the internet with the username atb00ker. Feel free to reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn. For sensitive information, signal, telegram encrypted chats or proton email are the way to go.


Icertis, Unified Product Developer

My first Full-time job, worked in the product team to make deliver the ICI software to clients in an agile environment. Moreover, made improvements to some smaller facets of the development process like automating developer installation process & having a centralised idea crowdsouring platform.

OpenWISP, Open-Source Contributor

Contributed to code development of OpenWISP, an open-source Network Management suite for large networks. Learned to write easily maintainable code under the guidance of experienced developers and learned to coordinate with developers from different places around the world. I have worked on ansible-openwisp2 and controller (django) modules to add various features and fix bugs.

Google Summer of Code, OpenWISP

The primary aim of the work done for this project is to improve the maintainability of OpenWISP. OpenWISP comprises of various modules but overtime we learned that the division of modules was not done in the most efficient manner possible causing maintenance overhead. To avoid this overhead, I have to refactor and rewrite alot of code to merge modules and clean-up the older practices.

Google Summer of Code, OpenWISP

The project aims to solve the problem of complex deployment of OpenWISP application by dockerizing the OpenWISP modules to give users plug-and-play docker images that are compatible and ready to run in kubernetes clusters simply by changing the environment variables.

FOSSEE Fellowship, IIT Bombay

Worked in Spoken Tutorial Project (spoken-tutorial.org). Optimized data usage to upto 60% less data requirement for users during download.
Web Development: Using Django, added the features to edit / show user testimonials on the main site of spoken-tutorial project.

Google Code-In 2018 & 2019, Mentor

765 code reviews in 3 months - Organization ranked #1 by number of tasks completed. 950+ students participated and benefitted from the combined effort of 9 mentors.